We created TEDxInnovationDr with one overall vision: To create a platform in which people of diverse backgrounds and experiences can spread their ideas throughout the community free of boundaries.


Our mission is to bring the community of Dublin under one domain: 


Executive Director

Om Patil

Executive Director

Anthony Trippe

Speaker Coordinator

Raghav Kallur

Director of Photography & Graphics 

Lindsey Lu

Executive Director

Weihong William Sun

Adult Executive Director

 Tony Trippe 

Director of Finance

Pooja Srinivasan

Director of Media & Outreach

Trisha Vedula

Additional Team Members:

Finance Team

Andrew Klein

Graphics & Photography Team

Isaac Frank

Media & Outreach Team

Suvan Dommeti

Finance Team

Ryan Loynes

Speaker Coordinator

Aneetej Arora

Media & Outreach Team

Shyam Sai Bethina



Tel: 614.354.3738

Fax: 614.410.4495

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This independent TEDx event is operated under a license from TED.